Instructions for authors

Article presentation/submission


The submission of articles will be completed electronically, through the “ONKORESEARCH” journal. Articles in Spanish and English will be accepted, with themes related to oncologic pathologies in adult, teenage and child populations alike.

For this purpose, the first step will be for authors to register themselves in the REGISTER section of the menu and provide the following information for their publication:

  1. Title of the article in Spanish and
  2. Abstract in Spanish and English
  3. Name of all the authors and their contact details (e-mail address, institutional affiliation, ORCID and country)
  4. Keywords in Spanish and English where each term is separate from the others. There should be a minimum of three keywords and a maximum of five. For keywords in Spanish, the “health science descriptors”-DeCs by/of BIREME must be employed ( and, for keywords in English, MeSH of the National Library of Medicine (

The following documents should be attached on the OJS platform (

  1. A letter addressed to the General Editor of the journal signed by the corresponding author, accepting the publishing conditions and requesting the review of their article for its publication.
  2. Manuscript written in accordance with the format of the journal. On the first page, the author must include all the details consigned in the General Considerations item. They must include the ethical considerations and, in case it is required, indicate if their work has been approved by the Ethics Committee.
  3.  Affidavit duly filled and signed by the corresponding author (clic to see document) (clic to see document).
  4. The conflict of interest form must be attached ( ). (clic to see document)

For clinical trials, proof of registry for the clinical trial in the competent institution of each country must be attached.