The journal ONKORESEARCH” is aligned to research ethical standards, such as:

  • Helsinki declaration of the World Medical Association-Ethical principles for medical research on human subjects (
  • Universal declaration on bioethics and human rights (clic to read document)
  • International ethical guidelines for health-related research involving human (clic to read document).
  • Standards and operational guidance for ethics review of health-related research with human participants (
  • World Medical Association Declaration of Ethical Considerations for Health Databases and Biobanks (
  • World Health Organization(
  • American College of Epidemiology Ethics Guidelines (
  • Health Research Ethics Authority (

The presence of potential infractions against ethics in publishing will be reviewed as follows: (1) infractions related to authorship and institutional affiliation, (2) manipulation of data and inventions, (3) plagiarism and redundant publication. In the event one of these infractions is detected at any point of the editorial process of the article, this will be rejected. In case the article has already been published, a retraction will be issued, following an investigation and disclaimers by all the parts involved.

In light of a potential ethical infraction, doubt and/or controversy, these will be evaluated and solved by the Editorial Committee based on the following regulations by these international organizations: Committe on Publication Ethics (COPE) ( and World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).

The Editorial Committee will reserve its right to request the document of approval for the articles received from the Ethics Committee.

No approval from an Ethics Committee required: studies with secondary databases of public access, including systematic revisions and meta-analysis.

Approval from a Research Ethics Committee required: (1) investigations conducted on human subjects.  The Editorial Committee will evaluate this requirement in accordance with the type of design and risk for the participant(s), following the regulations of national and international organizations: Declaration of Helsinki 2013, World Health Organization (WHO), The Council for International Organization of Medical Science (CIOMS), and the Peruvian Handbook for Clinical Trials.

The members of the editorial team will be able to publish on the “ONKORESEARCH” journal, where they will have no participation in the editorial process of their manuscripts and where the same policies and regulations are followed. Additionally, they must declare any potential conflicts of interest in relation with manuscripts they submit.

Finally, the “ONKORESEARCH” journal promotes good practices in the field of medical research on oncologic pathologies based on honesty, transparence and responsibility, protection of experimentation subjects and adherence to the ethical codes of conduct and guidelines of good clinical practice.